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My Summary of A Course in Miracles

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

This is my summary, as I understand it, at this point in time. I anticipate that I will continue to add and subtract from this summary as my work continues.

Inhale. Exhale. Here goes...

God is perfect love and perfect oneness.

God creates, and we were created in his likeness, so we too can create.

Because perfect love requires free will and because love does not force, the son of God had license to think a thought that wasn't of God.

In an instant, we who are one with God, thought a loveless thought. A thought of separation from Source. It was a crazy mad idea. And we forgot to laugh.

This thought of separation from God created consciousness or conscious perception, and consciousness allowed for a subject-object relationship to be born. Science is now calling this Complexity Theory.

The thought of separation created consciousness and conscious awareness can perceive. This produces material form, because all thought produces form at some level. (Perception is the subject, and form is the object).

The Course explains that when we had this thought of separation which created the perception of time and space (the big bang), we actually just began to dream a dream. In other words, the thought of separation didn't actually happen. And the dawn of consciousness and time and space and form didn't actually happen.

God is perfect love and love is all there is. God Is. And then we cease to speak. Therefore, nothing that isn't of God can actually exist.

This thought of separation, or idea in the mind of God, is nothing more than a dream or illusion of what looks like form and life and death in linear time and 3D space. In reality, we never actually left the everlasting arms of God our creator and are still One with Him.

This 3D illusion of time and space appears linear, but in reality it is a contained hollogram. Time does not exist. And our dream of form and separation isn't real.

God does not intervene here because free will allows us to dream. We are free to think what we want to think. God won't intervene in something that isn't real, because that would imply that it's real. Just as a loving parent won't wake their sleeping child from a harmless dream.

If a child is having a nightmare, we don't want to shake them awake quickly. We want to whisper words of truth in their ear so they begin to awaken slowly. This lessens fear. The one whispering in our ear is the voice or thought system of the Holy Spirit. Our channel back to God.

In A Course in Miracles, Jesus is providing us the blueprint for awakening from the dream of separation. The solution is the Atonement, and it was written by God at the moment of our thought of separation. Jesus tells us in the course that the atonement has already happened. We had a thought of separation, we dreamed a dream, and then we woke up to our loving reality and it all happened in an instant.

Our way out of the dream of separation from our Creator, is through miracles. Miracles are expressions of love that occur when we shift our perception from fear to love.

Our ego thought system is the thought system of the world, a thought system of fear. And the thought system of the Holy Spirit is the thought system of perfect love and oneness with each other. In every moment, we can choose one or we can choose the other. Only one will bring peace, and only one is real.

The ego is what keeps us stuck in the dream. It encompasses the entirety of the separation. If we separated from God, then we carry guilt about that. And if we're separate from Him, then we're now alone. If we're alone we're afraid. And if we're afraid we have to protect ourselves. We do this by comparing ourselves to others, ranking ourselves among others, judging others to make ourselves feel more powerful, chasing material things, attaching to things outside of ourselves, and prizing the material things of the world. This is what keeps the world alive.

We think we are one wave separate from all the other waves in the ocean, and this is terrifying. But in reality, we are still one with the ocean and one with all the other waves.

If we decide to choose God and Love and the thought system of the Holy Spirit, we begin to see that everything in this world is of our making. It's a decision to see everything for what it is. A crazy idea that we separated from God, when in fact it never happened. If it never happened than I can forgive everything I see.

Forgiveness lessons are what allow for the shift in perspective that then allows for the miracle. Forgiveness says... "I forgive you because what just happened didn't really happen. I forgive you because you know not what you do. I forgive you because in reality we are one with each other and with our creator. I am you and you are me and we are creating this through our thinking. I forgive you because there's nothing to forgive."

Jesus teaches us that it is our forgiveness lessons that will lead to our awakening and enlightenment. That enlightenment is achieved by extending love to others, and that by doing so we are actually extending that love to ourselves because its all the same thing.

We can forgive other people in our lives, we can forgive events of the world, and we can forgive moment to moment situations that trigger or activate our nervous system and try to lead us back into fear. If you hurt my feelings I can forgive you because you didn't actually do anything. If I watch the news and experience pain and fear I can forgive that because it's not really happening. If I'm triggered into frustration when I break a glass I can forgive that because nothing actually broke.

In reality, all that's happening is we are dreaming a dream of separation from God. It feels really painful and scary because we think we are separate. But in truth we never left perfect oneness.

The more we forgive, the more we are training our mind to see the world for what it is. This mind training snowballs into more and more shifts in perception from seeing the world through fear to seeing the world through love. As our mind heals, we begin to perform more and more miracles which occur naturally as expressions of love. They begin to happen habitually, and involuntarily, and without any conscious control. This is us remembering who we are. This is what's natural. It's only when this isn't occurring naturally and effortlessly that something has gone wrong.

As we practice our forgiveness lessons and extend love to others, a web of loving forgiveness begins to grow and spread throughout the minds of the world. Eventually this web will lead to the Atonement, where Jesus tells us God will take the final steps. We don't know what this will look like. But we can trust that it will involve the people of the world seeing the truth, choosing it because it's all there is to choose, and then reuniting with God in perfect love and oneness.

Jesus - I pray for eyes to see and ears to hear your message clearly as I continue my studies. Please continue working through me as I seek to heal my mind. Allow me to listen and respond to my inner teacher, and make corrections to this summary as you see fit.

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