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A Simple Summary of A Course in Miracles

The Course tells us that all of life is but a dream.

However, do not forget that words are symbols.

We must let go of trying to make too much meaning out of the word dream.

But this life as we know it is something of an illusion.

An altered state of consciousness.

It is why spiritual paths refer to the process of enlightenment as waking up, or Awakening.

Because we are asleep.

Our spiritual path is about waking up to our Truth.

Waking up from the dream or illusion of pain, fear, suffering, and separation.

Waking up to our true reality in Oneness.

Waking up to Love's presence.

When you awaken from your dreams at night, the dream evaporates.

You don't long to return to it as your reality.

Because you instantly remember your True Reality.

The dream fades as your Truth becomes clear to you again.

This experience we call life, is an altered state of consciousness.

Just like our dreams.

Just like our journeys into altered states of consciousness.

Sometimes there is pain and suffering in our dreams.

Sometimes there is pain and suffering in journey.

And sometimes there is pain and suffering in life.

But we know not to attach to the pain in our dreams.

And we learn to lean into the pain in altered states.

Because we know we will return to the Truth and the Light.

We can do the same as we navigate the pain and suffering in our lives.

Just as easily as we drift away from the pain of a nightmare upon awakening.

We will release the pain and suffering of this life.

As we Awaken.

This life is an altered state.

It is a dream of separation.

Perfect Love creates.

So we were created.

And Perfect Love requires free will.

So we as God's Creations are free to think, and create, and experience.

If we think and create with the ego thought system, we will suffer.

If we think and create with the thought system of Love, we will Awaken.

God is waiting for us.

When we're ready to return.

For now, we are choosing an experience that is separate from God.

So we will experience suffering.

But it is nothing more than a waking dream.

Meaning, it isn't our forever.

It isn't Eternity.

This is why God does not reveal himself to us.

That would make this dream of suffering and separation real.

And God as Love and All That Is knows nothing of suffering or dreams.

Life is nothing more than an experience that Perfect Love allows us to have.

Like children leaving home to have their own experience.

But trusting they can return home when they're ready.

Our spiritual path is our return home.

While we are dreaming, we will have Revelations.

Glimpses into eternity.

Moments of feeling One with the Divine.

Feeling and Knowing Love and Unity.


But Revelation will not be sustainable until we've fully given up the thought system of the ego.

It cannot be sustained until we choose Love fully.

And nothing else.

This is the path of enlightenment.

Letting go of ego thoughts, attack, fear, and separation.

And choosing only Love in every moment.

And as we continue to awaken, we will experience more Revelation.

We don't have to be afraid in this experience of life.

We don't have to be afraid of the pain or the suffering.

Because we will wake up to our Truth again.

Our Truth in Oneness with All That Is.

We can wake up now, in this moment.

By shifting our perspective from fear to Love.

And we will all eventually return to this Peace and Love in Eternity.

Because it's already where we are.

Just as you would not shake a child awake from a nightmare.

We won't be shaken to Awaken.

We are being awoken slowly.

Through soft whispers from the Divine.

And in our own time, we will once again remember what we are.

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