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The Course Leaves No Room for Error

Updated: Jun 14

For me, this is the magic of a Course in Miracles. It simply leaves no room for the ego in any way, shape or form.

Lately, I've been catching my ego pulling me into judgments of different thought leaders and spiritual teachers. It wants to judge everything. It wants to hold every teaching up to the Course in order to prove everyone wrong. Right when I start to buy into what someone is teaching, my ego will hold onto one comment or image and feel falsely empowered by its own judgment of that thing.

But then... the Courses very own teachings are simultaneously what pull me back into my humbling spiritual practice. This is my favorite thing about the Course. Unlike other paths, it leaves absolutely no room for judgment. There is no one right way. There is no one right path. The Course teaches that it does not hold a monopoloy on Truth.

Through the Course, we are taught above all other things to forgive everyone and everything all the time. We are taught that there aren't any errors bigger than another. So my judgment of someones shoes is no different than my judgment of someones character. My reactions inside a small argument are no different than my reactions to a frightening event on the evening news. Our path to enlightenment requires that we begin to see everything that is not of God, as ego. And that we begin to forgive it all because anything that isn't Love, isn't real.

A lot of spiritual teachers are still caught in the web of their own ego, their trauma, their pain, and their judgments. And as soon as my lower brain makes note of that and begins to judge them for their lack of love, I myself have now been removed from my alignment with the Holy Spirit. To be truly enlightened and awake would be to embody a state of pure Love without any reactivity. To see all people, situations, and events through right-mindedness. Which means to see it all for what it is. An ego illusion that means nothing and cannot harm us.

My spiritual path won't allow me to judge other spiritual paths. And I'm so deeply in Love with this Truth and way of being in the world.

Today my forgiveness lessons are focused toward these thought leaders and spiritual teachers. I'm seeking to find the love and compassion threads within what they're saying. And forgive them for all the rest.

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