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Journeying with Psychedelics

I've been a dietitian for 11 years and a licensed counselor for 4. Over time my work as a nutritionist deepened, which inspired my venture into psychology and counseling. Eventually my work as a counselor also started deepening, which inspired my venture into the world of spirituality and studying the Course.

As I write this I'm grappling with non-duality and what that means for the healing practices I engage in here in the dream-world. It's all a dream, but the experience feels real. So where does that leave us when it comes to healing practices like food and nutrition, physical movement, acupuncture, yoga, energy work, and the like? Do we refrain from worrying about such things because they are addressing the effect and not the cause? Or do we continue to explore health practices within the world, while holding space for our ultimate reality which is Spirit and Oneness with God?

Right now I'm continuing to engage in body-healing work because of where I'm at in my Course study. I think rejecting all things of the body is currently inviting in too much fear. I'm exploring psychics and mediums, energy work, spiritual mentorship, and now the world of psychedelic assisted therapy or psychedelic journeying.

My partner Jeremy and I were watching a documentary about near death experiences last night and I couldn't help but notice the similarities between what's reported in near death experiences and what's reported in psychedelic journeying. Tunnels, color, white light, the appearance of guides, visions, and oftentimes an overwhelming sense of peace or coming home. Is it possible that these natural plant medicines induce the same state as near death experiences? And if so, how do these experiences align with the teachings of a Course in Miracles?

Perhaps these experiences are a step toward right-mindedness or right perception, but they are still part of the illusion since we're perceiving something that is not perfect oneness with God. But perhaps it's also possible that these are revelatory experiences, which the Course tells us are brief felt experiences of that true Oneness with Him.

I'm leaning into where I'm at in my process, and I'm trying not to let the rigidity of non-duality stop me from engaging with where I am fully and without fear. I continue to pray to see things more clearly and for the healing of my mind and what it makes. I pray I can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and the One who guides me, so that my path may be corrected if I venture too far from Truth.

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